The Thor: Ragnarok block screening was the first fund raising of the 96th Homecoming Committee. It was held last Oct. 28, Saturday at BGC Uptown Cinema.

The block screening was attended by brods, their family, and friends. Despite the intent as a fundraising, the block screening was also for fraternal bonding and a perfect opportunity for brods to meet each others’ families. Seldom are there Vanguard activities that brings together so many brods and their family together.

Funds that were raised will be used for homecoming activities and for the continuing support to the UPVI and Medical Support Auxiliiary Squadron, PCG (formerly Rescue Squadron 161) for the continuing rehabilitation of communities in the municipality of Polompon, Leyte, the center of Mercy Trident relief operations in the aftermath of the 2013 Yolanda disaster.

The Thor: Ragnarok is bundled with the Justice League block screening to be shown on Nov. 19. Tickets are at 1200 for both movies.

This awesome block screening was made possible by the UPVI 96th Homecoming Committee and co-presented by the UP Vanguard University Chapter and Nissin Yakisoba, C2, Jack N’ Jill Calbee, and Wacoal.